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Matrix Games Says Forge of Freedom is Close…

Gil R., one of the minds behind Matrix Games’ new Civil War computer game Forge of Freedom, had this to say late this week on the Matrix Games Forums:

Its release is going to be in the very near future. Right now, all programming is done, except for one pesky issue that Eric is working on. Most of the graphics are done, and those that aren’t soon will be. A complete draft of the manual should be done within 24 hrs., whereupon I’ll edit it and kick it back to the others, meaning that the manual will be done next week. We need some more time for beta-testing, to make sure that the full version of the game — with all the graphics, sound, etc. — works well, and then it will be off to Matrix. So, as you can see from that list, the game’s completion is just around the corner. Now, whether that’s one week or three I can’t say, but this is not a project that will drag on interminably.I’ll also add that yes, this was originally intended to be released this summer, but I think that the final product will show that we’ve used the extra time wisely.

In addition, Crown of Gory, the Napoleonic game whose engine is being used for Forge of Freedom, recently won a Charles S. Roberts award for best pre-20th Century Wargame:

Crown of Glory has taken home another award. This time it is Best Pre-20th Century Era Wargame. Once again Crown of Glory and the Western Civilization team has been recognized by the industry and by all of our fans for their excellent product. On behalf of Matrix Games and Western Civilization we extend a huge thank-you to those people who believed in this product. Be sure to congratulate them on the Crown of Glory Forums and don’t forget stay up to date on their next Civil War game, Forge of Freedom.

This game is looking better and better. I’ll be purchasing my copy as soon as it comes out.


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