State of the Blog Address – April 8, 2006

by Brett Schulte on April 8, 2006

Sorry for sort of disappearing for a bit there. As many of my (former) regular readers might have surmised, I’ve been extremely busy over the last several weeks. I am somewhat back to a normal schedule and I hope to again go to a once to twice a week posting schedule, with possible other entries by Johnny and the other guest posters. My first orders of business will be to continue with Fred Ray’s Shock Troops of the Confederacy and keep everyone up-to-date on Mad Minute Games’ latest computer offering, Take Command: Second Manassas. The game is being released by Paradox Interactive (makers of games like Europa Universalis and Victoria which have deprived me of a social life for weeks and months at a time) on April 18. I also have a backlog of magazine summaries to do, and those should start appearing early this coming week. I was excited to see an article on Reams Station, a black day for the Union II Corps and for “Hancock the Superb” to be sure, in the latest issue of North & South among other things. Lastly, after finishing up on Fred Ray’s book, I plan to return to the middle book in Joe Harsh’s Maryland Campaign trilogy. Rest assured I will go back and read the first several chapters to refresh my memory going forward.

Since I am a busy guy and absences longer than a week may occur, if anyone reading this feels they have the knowledge to contribute and would like to guest blog from time to time, feel free to contact me. As I told Johnny Whitewater, I really don’t have any rules. Even if I disagree with what you say, I’ll allow it to stand, as long as an entry doesn’t contain profanity, racism, or any other kind of discrimination and it pertains to Civil War gaming or reading.

Check out Beyond the Crater: The Petersburg Campaign Online for the latest on the Siege of Petersburg!

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