Another View Of Harsh’s Taken At The Flood

I was reading through one of Dimitri Rotov’s archived posts on South Mountain today when quite by accident I stumbled on a link to blogger Mitch Hagmaier’s excellent Blogfonte site. Dimitri had linked to Mitch’s post concerning South Mountain, but I also found a post from the same time frame giving Mitch’s thoughts on the current book I’m reading, Joe Harsh’s Taken At The Flood. Since I’ve turned into a bit of a Harsh fanboy recently, I thought it would be good to give readers a different perspective on the subject. Mitch’s post is informative, and the man’s grasp of the English language is amazing. If I could write half as well as he does I’d probably be making a living as an author.

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4 responses to “Another View Of Harsh’s Taken At The Flood

  1. Mitch H. Avatar

    Thanks for the compliment. Sorry I haven’t been commenting on the Harsh posts, but I haven’t had the time to read Confederate Tide Rising and Sounding the Shadows, and I wanted to wait until I had read through them myself before engaging on the subject. I should have the time over Christmas break, I think.

  2. Brett Schulte Avatar


    You’re welcome. When I read your comments on _Taken At The Flood_, I immediately figured you might not have had the chance to check out _Confederate Tide Rising_ first. They really are one book separated by a publisher’s decision on length. I haven’t had time to look too much at _Sounding The Shallows_, but it’s basically a giant Confederate almanac/appendix for _Taken At The Flood_. I think you asked about a possible fourth volume covering the Union side as well. That volume definitely has not been published as of yet. I’m not sure as far as the status of that book, though. If anyone knows if it is even being worked on, I’d love to hear from you.

    Brett S.

  3. Mitch H. Avatar

    The status of the proposed McClellan volume or volumes is ‘in “limbo”‘, the last time I heard. Tim Reese emailed a little after that post in May to pass on the sad news that Dr. Harsh had suffered a stroke and that his health problems had put the project on hold. I haven’t heard anything since then.

  4. Brett Schulte Avatar


    Thanks for that information, though I’m sorry to hear it, due first of course because of Mr. Harsh’s stroke and second because of the delay (cancellation?) of the McClellan volume(s).

    Brett S.

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