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I don’t do this nearly enough, so I figured I’d take the time this Sunday to point out all sorts of interesting subjects on some of the other Civil War blogs out there.

We start out with the original Civil war blogger, Dimitri Rotov, at his Civil War Book News blog. He was recently attending a talk at a county branch library and found some pleasant surprises in what he calls the “trash…heaped deeply on the shelves.” In his blog entry, Dimitri laments the lack of a study covering the Army of the Potomac and the intense feelings they had for McClellan, even after his dismissal.

Drew Wagenhoffer’s Civil War Books and Authors brings up an interesting point regarding William Marvel’s recent America’s Civil War article in the January 2006 issue covering the depth of Antietam Creek at various points.

Kevin Levin’s take on The Civil War As Entertainment received at least one juvenile response deriding Kevin for his dislike of Gods and Generals. I’ve never seen a Civil War movie which caused people to be so divided. Southerners generally seem to like it, and northerners do not. While I have my opinions, I’ve found arguing politics to be a monumental waste of my time and energy. Kevin’s interesting original post seems to have been at least partially ignored in favor of arguing the pros and cons of Gods and Generals. I admit, I jumped into the fray myself, only to say that the dialogue in the movie doesn’t ring true to me.

David Woodbury’s new blog of Battlefields and Bibliophiles looks to be a very promising entry in our subject. He already has several excellent entries, including this one covering his awe when he first came across Grant’s surrender terms to Simon Bolivar Buckner at Fort Donelson. The entry then turns to an interview with Mike Musick, Subject Area Expert for Civil War Materials at the Archives. This is good stuff, all around.

Eric Wittenberg’s Rantings of a Civil War Historian contains the author’s personal answers to the question “Why do you write?”

For those of you who might have reached this blog searching for Civil War gaming, I strongly encourage you to take a look at the efforts of these gentlemen. They come at the topic from a wide variety of angles and with different interests. For those of you who read these other Civil War blogs as often (or even more often) than you do mine, I encourage you to introduce kids to the study of this conflict. I can’t thank my Uncle enough for showing me how fun a study of the Civil War could be at a very young age. I can’t imagine what pursuits would fill the massive void left had I chosen not to become interested in the study of the Civil War. I’m glad I don’t have to find out!

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2 responses to “In Other ACW Blogs…”

  1. Will Hickox Avatar

    At risk of hyperbole, the Civil War blogging community certainly seems to be “booming.” And we’re fortunate that they all seem to be well-written, professional blogs by genuinely knowledgeable people. The sudden advent of all these sites in a very happy phenomenon for Civil War studies.

  2. Brett Schulte Avatar


    I couldn’t agree more. I suspect that this is only the beginning too. That’s the most exciting aspect to me. Blogs in general are booming. If a person has an interest in almost anything, it is very likely someone is blogging about it at this very moment.

    Brett S.

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