Civil War Talk Radio: December 2, 2005

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Air Date: 120205
Subject: Donald E. Collins: The President Who Wouldn’t Die
Books: The Death and Resurrection of Jefferson Davis
Guest: Donald E. Collins

Summary: Dr. Donald E. Collins, author of The Death and Resurrection of Jefferson Davis describes the remarkable postwar career of the Confederate president.

Brett’s Summary: Don Collins discusses all things Davis from the Civil War, to his post-war career, to how Davis was remembered after his death. Interestingly, Collins points out that Davis was considered an AMERICAN hero in the years between 1865 and his death in 1889 for his efforts at the Battle of Buena Vista during the Mexican-American War. Only after Davis’ death did celebrations surrounding him turn CONFEDERATE in nature. It is interesting to me that Davis died in 1889. This is about the time some other historians point to as the beginning of the nadir of race relations in this country. I wonder if Davis’ death and subsequent use as a Confederate symbol contributed to the ability of Lost Cause organizers to insert their false memories of the war on the United States population as a whole? Davis in his lifetime, at least according to Dr. Collins, was a strong proponent of reconciliation. I wonder how he would react if shown how his name was used in the years after his death.

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