Month: November 2005

  • Confederate Tide Rising, Part 7

    Confederate Tide Rising: Robert E. Lee and the Making of Southern Strategy, 1861-1862 by Joseph L. Harsh “If we expect to reap advantage”: Lee Pursues Total Victory, August 27-31, 1862 Jackson’s famous flanking march around Pope’s army, his destruction of the massive number of Union stores at Manassas Junction, and the resulting Battle of Second […]

  • Assessing Civil War magazines

    I’m delighted that Brett has begun comments on the content of various Civil War magazines – in my opinion, they don’t receive enough attention. I would like to talk about assessing these various publications and the criterion we use. As many know, Civil War Times is the oldest continuously running (since 1962). CWT is owned […]

  • Jackson At Brawner’s Farm: Mistake or Blessing In Disguise?

    Chapter Five of Joseph Harsh’s Confederate Tide Rising focuses on the strategic chess match between Robert E. Lee and John Pope from August 9 to August 26, 1862. In this chapter, Harsh repeatedly maintains that Lee never intended Jackson to bring on a major engagement after cutting Pope’s supply line at Bristoe Station. Instead, Harsh […]

  • Civil War: War Between the States

    I’ve been following the extremely slow progress of Walker Boys Studio’s Civil War: War Between the States with interest for quite some time now. I hadn’t been paying attention lately, believing the game to be abandonware, but fortunately that is not the case. Thanks again to the ever-scanning eyes of Eddy Sterckx over on the […]

  • Confederate Tide Rising, Part 6

    Confederate Tide Rising: Robert E. Lee and the Making of Southern Strategy, 1861-1862 by Joseph L. Harsh “Richmond was never so safe”: Lee Evolves a Border Strategy, August 9-26, 1862 Lee was in an unenviable strategic position, with Jackson confronting Pope on the left flank near Culpeper Court House, Lee confronting McClellan on the right […]

  • America’s Civil War, January 2006

    The January 2006 issue is the first issue of America’s Civil War that I’ll be reviewing for this blog. ACW is of a little lower quality than North & South and Blue & Gray. It is virtually identical to Civil War Times Illustrated at this point, because both magazines are published by Primedia. There are […]

  • Confederate Tide Rising, Part 5

    Lee had succeeded in driving McClellan away from Richmond, but in doing so, he found himself in an unenviable strategic situation in early July 1862.