Civil War Talk Radio: October 21, 2005

by Brett Schulte on October 21, 2005 · 0 comments

Air Date: 102105
Subject: Blogging the Civil War with Dimitri Rotov
Blog: Civil War Bookshelf
Guest: Dimitri Rotov


Brett’s Summary: Dimitri Rotov, the very first Civil War blogger, talks over quite a variety of things with Gerry.  They first discuss what blogging is, the benefits of blogging, and why Dimitri is qualified to blog.  The hour continues with Dimitri giving his views on why the version of history as presented by Bruce Catton, Stephen Sears, Jim McPherson, and the rest of the “Centennial History” advocates in the American Heritage mold get things wrong, glossing over controversies to make them fit preconceived notions rather than truly investigating controversies and making these known to the reader.  Dimitri is also the founder of the McClellan Society, a group who believe McClellan has been unfairly portrayed by these “Centennial” historians.  Rotov believes advanced readers (hopefully many of you reading this!) continue to question books written in the Centennial mold and support original thinkers by purchasing their books.

Civil War Talk Radio airs most Fridays at 12 PM Pacific on World Talk Radio Studio A. Host Gerry Prokopowicz, the History Chair at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, interviews a guest each week and discusses their interest in the Civil War. Most interviews center around a book or books if the guest is an author. Other guests over the years have included public Historians such as park rangers and museum curators,wargamers, bloggers, and even a member of an American Civil War Round Table located in London, England.

In this series of blog entries, I will be posting air dates, subjects, and guests, and if I have time, I’ll provide a brief summary of the program. You can find all of the past episodes I’ve entered into the blog by clicking on the Civil War Talk Radio category. Each program should appear either on or near the date it was first broadcast.

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