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Day: September 15, 2005

  • ACW Campaign Games Design Center Update

    The ACW Campaign Games Design Center, my fan site for the HPS Simulations series of Civil War games, has been updated. Rolf Hall’s Regimental Scale and Terrain graphics files have been completed revamped. In addition, Ken Miller has created an updated Regimental Scale graphics file for Campaign Peninsula by modding Rolf’s Franklin file. Check out […]

  • Secessionville, Part 7

    Secessionville: Assault On Charleston by Patrick Brennan Chapter 8 1. The Battle of Secessionville proper continues in the eighth chapter. More attacks were launched against the Tower Battery as both Confederate and Union reinforcements came up. After several more regiments (79th NY, 100th PA, and 46th NY) attacked and either failed or were disrupted by […]

  • Harper’s Ferry Arsenal Update

    The Harper’s Ferry Arsenal has again been updated. “NimitsTexan” has updated his Uniform Data files which place “Tim’s” excellent uniform mods into the actual Bull Run scenarios where they should appear. I highly recommend this download if you want a more historically accurate appearance for your First Bull Run scenarios. Note that you must have […]