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by Brett Schulte on September 11, 2005 · 0 comments

Clark Kenyon’s Camp Pope Bookshop is an excellent online resource for books on the Civil War, especially on topics concerning the Trans-Mississippi Theater of the War. The store was started in 1988 as a mail-order book service specializing in out-of-print books, and it has grown ever since. While the Camp Pope Bookshop does still offer out-of-print and rare books, they now specialize in Trans-Mississippi Theater books that are in print. You can order a free catalog here. In addition, the Press of the Camp Pope Bookshop publishes books usually focusing on Missouri and Iowa in the War. It was started in 1991 and has published 14 books in that time. A list of the books they have printed can be found here.

Other interesting features of the web site include the Book Review & Affiliate programs and the Message Board. Mr. Kenyon offers readers the chance to review books he sells at $5.00 store credit per review (as of Sept. 11, 2005) and a limit of 10 reviews. The Affiliate program allows anyone with a web site to direct potential buyers to Camp Pope’s site. Any book bought after a referral from an Affiliate earns said Affiliate a portion of the money made. I joined several years ago. It was easy to sign up and the instructions provided for setting up referral links were simple to follow and clearly worded. The Message Board is a great place to go if you have questions about books on a certain Trans-Mississippi battle, or if you are doing research in that area.

Mr. Kenyon’s Camp Pope Bookshop is a great place to go, offers competitive pricing, and also offers many other opportunities to the individual book buyer. Go there today and check it out!

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