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Wargaming Carolinas Coastal Operations, Part 2

In part 2 of this multi-part post, I’ve collected Coastal Carolinas (and other Coastal Expeditions) wargame scenarios from some of the more well-known Civil War computer games and board games (although I’m lacking in that area), and I provide links or downloads where applicable. Age of Rifles and Campaign Corinth lead the way. If you know of any scenarios I’ve missed, definitely leave a comment or send me an email.

Computer Games

Age of Rifles
-(All of these scenarios are available at The Wargamer’s Scenario Depot or zipped HERE)

1. New Berne 1862 by Rafael A. Mackenzie – readme.doc
2. Secessionville 1862 by Chris Jackson- no readme.doc
3. Olustee 1864 by Rafael A. Mackenzie – readme.doc
4. Plymouth 1864 by J.P. Asuncion – readme.doc
5. Honey Hill 1864 by Rafael A. Mackenzie – readme.doc
6. Fort Fisher 1865 by Rafael A. Mackenzie – readme.doc

Campaign Corinth v1.01a (Last moddable version, see HERE for details)

1. South Mills1862 by Rolf Hall
2. Roanoke 1862 by Rolf Hall
3. New Berne 1862 by Rolf Hall
4. Plymouth 1864 by Rolf Hall

Talonsoft Battleground Bull Run
1. Olustee 1864

Civil War Generals 2 – No Scenarios

Board Games

1. POCOTALIGO 1862 & 1864 – Seven Battles in SW S.C. (2 Yankee Invasions-From Beaufort and Hilton Head Island) by Western Carolina Historical Research
This item is only available on eBay from time to time from eBay seller westerncarolinahistoricalres. I checked, and the game is not being offered right now. Rest assured, he usually lists the game once or twice a month. Here’s a LINK to the last sale, now ended. If you’re reading this too far removed from early September 2005, this link may not work.

NOTE:This is the part where I need readers’ help. I know there must be other board games out there, whether stand alone boxed games or the type found in board wargame magazines like Strategy & Tactics. If you know of any other board games covering the Carolinas Coastal Campaigns, please comment here. I (and other wargamers) will definitely appreciate it!

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