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by Bob Broeg, Jerry Vickery

The St. Louis Cardinals Encyclopedia


This is an essential volume for all true Cards fans out there. The first chapter details the rich winning tradition of the Cardinals, the team with the most World Series titles and second-most pennants in the National League. Only the New York Yankees have a clear claim to superiority when it comes to a winning baseball tradition. The second chapter attempts to come up with the best players at each position. The rich history of Cardinals Hall of Famers are covered, as is the ballparks the team has played in, the owners of the team, and franchise best stats. I don't particularly care for Bob Broeg's style of writing, so that was a bit of a turn-off and annoyed me at times. However, I suspect that it is a matter of personal preference and most won't have any problems with it. As a Cardinals fan, this is one of the first books I bought. 329 pp.

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