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by George Castle, Jim Rygelski

The I-55 Series: Cubs Vs. Cardinals


This is a pretty good book, but it seems to me that there is definite Cub favoritism going on in some places. For instance, look at the title. The Cardinals have been the better team, so it would seem natural to me to place them first and call the book "The I-55 Series: Cardinals Vs. Cubs. I haven't read the book in about two years, but some phrases and conclusions also seemed slanted towards the Cubs. I do like the fact that they go straight to the players and fans for their viewpoint at the beginning of the book. And the book also contains great Cardinals games and individual performances vs the Cubs and vice versa. As an aside, you can now add the "Pujols Game" of July 20, 2004 to that list. Phat Albert's three home runs (and an offensive and defensive assist by So Taguchi, of all people!) allowed the Cardinals to come back from a massive deficit to basically wrap up the Central Division race before the trading deadline. Chapters on Fergie Jenkins vs. Bob Gibson and McGwire vs. Sosa also make appearances. And of course, the man who ties these two teams together the most, Harry Caray, is included. I do recommend this book, but be prepared to be annoyed by some small things if you are a Cardinals fan. 253 pp.

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