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The Baseball Prospectus Team of Experts

Baseball Prospectus 2003


I like the sabremetrics these guys use as a basis for discussing baseball and baseball teams. This is a group of guys with diverse backgrounds who all love the game of baseball and use new and unique statistical analysis. Baseball Prospectus gives an overview of each team for the upcoming baseball season, first with an article on the team as a whole, and then with a small paragraph or two on each individual player, along with statistical predictions on how they will do that year. I enjoy the sense of humor these guys use, and highly recommend this series. I read this from cover to cover along with the Sporting News/STATS Scouting Notebook every spring training to get a feel for the upcoming year. My only complaint is a seeming bias and hatred of Tony La Russa. Unfortunately, since the man is manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, I get infuriated every year at some of the stupid remarks these guys come up with. I'm sure they have other biases as well that fans of other teams know and are used to. Even with that bias, though, this is the best baseball preview book out there, and I really anticipate receiving it in the mail right around the time Spring Training starts each year. 512 pp.

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