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by The Sporting News

Baseball Guide, 2004 Edition : The Ultimate 2004 Season Reference


I used to love the old trilogy of STATS books: Scouting Notebook, Major League Handbook, and Player Profiles. Unfortunately, in 2003, The Sporting News got involved and discontinued The latter two books. In their place, they produced the inferior 2003 Register and 2003 Guide. The Register looks back at the stats for the past season, but these are "baseball card" stats. In other words, they just give you the basics and only for the previous year. Player Profiles used to give stats for the entire careers of all currently active big leaguers, and the Major League Handbook went over the previous year with a finer-toothed comb than the Register. The Guide looks ahead to the coming year, with schedules and things of that nature. But it too pales in comparison to the old books. I recommend getting the still-existing Scouting Notebook each year, and supplementing that with the new "Bill James Handbook" series of books. 648 pp.

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