Rolf Hall's Civil War Battles Graphics:

Updated 12/27/05

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These are Rolf Hall's graphics add-ons for all of the HPS Civil War Battles series of games. These files can also be found at Rolf's web site. Since it has been awhile since I updated Rolf's files, and to avoid confusion, I have basically become a mirror site for Rolf's files. You will find the formats below look identical to those at Rolf's site.

Campaign Game Regimental Scale Graphics

Campaign Game Set A Set B Set C NEW 12/27/05 Set D
Corinth V 1.01 Yes No No No
Corinth V  1.02+ No Yes No No
Franklin (All versions) Yes No No No
Ozark (All versions) No Yes No No
Gettysburg (All versions) Yes No No No
Peninsula (All versions) No No Yes No
Shiloh (All versions) No No No Yes
In addition, Ken Miller has created a Campaign Peninsula set of graphics by modifying Rolf's Franklin Graphics.


Campaign Game Terrain Graphics

The files can be unzipped to the pertinent MAP folder for your game. Click on the picture to download.

New Rural Houses

(Not so many Mansions)