Antony Barlow's Corinth 1.03 Graphics:

Updated 08/17/04

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This is Antony Barlow's graphics add-on for Corinth. He has taken Rolf Hall's Regimental Scale Graphics for version 1,01 and upodated them to work with Corinth 1.03.


Antony has modified Rolf's 3D icons which worked with Corinth 1.01 and has modified them to work with Corinth 1.03. These (and of course Rolf's originals) tend to give the game more of a "miniatures" look. Unzip the files into the Map folder of Corinth.

NOTE: You MUST have Rolf Hall's graphics already installed, and then install Antony's work over top of Rolf's. Get Rolf's files HERE.