Wilson's Creek

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Nathaniel Lyon tried to singlehandedly knock the Confederates out of Missouri in 1861 and very nearly succeeded. Unfortunately for him, not only did he lose the Battle of Wilson's Creek, he was also killed in the process. This was the first major Battle of the war west of the Mississippi River.


The Battle of Wilson's Creek

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Edwin C. Bearss
Ed Bearss is an excellent author. I hold up his multivolume Vicksburg Campaign as the definitive work on that subject. While this book on Wilson's Creek cannot be called definitive, it does provide a very good tactical narrative and solid maps. Another excellent feature is the appendix at the back of the book which gives regimental strengths, always a plus with me. All in all, I would rather have this book instead of Brooksher's. 170 pp., 7 maps

Bloody Hill: The Civil War Battle of Wilson's Creek


William Riley Brooksher
Brooksher's book doesn't contain that much tactical detail on the Battle of Wilson's Creek. The book is mainly a study of the Civil War in Missouri in 1861, and I like it for this. However, the title is rather misleading, so beware if you are looking for a tactical book like Bearss'. I think the book is well-written and flows well, but I'm not really that into the politcal and social areas that parts of the book cover. 278 pp, 6 maps