Pea Ridge (Elkhorn Tavern)

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Union General Samuel Curtis squared off against his Confederate counterparts Sterling Price and Earl Van Dorn in southwestern Missouri and northwestern Arkansas in the largest battle fought west of the Mississippi River. In a confused two day fight, Curtis and his Army of the Southwest managed to secure the state of Missouri to the Union cause for the rest of the war. He also kept Price and Van Dorn from meeting up with other Rebel forces massing under A.S. Johnston to hit Grant's Army of the Tennessee at a quiet place on the Tennessee River called Pittsburg Landing.


Pea Ridge: Civil War Campaign in the West

William L. Shea & Earl J. Hess
This is the definitive account of Pea Ridge. The maps are well done, and the book is extremely well-written. If no other book ever gets written on this campaign, it won't matter. If you're a fan of the Trans-Mississippi Theater, buy this book and thank me later. 417 pp., 18 maps