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Updated 4/24/06

General Histories & Miscellaneous

These books are whatever did not fit into any of the other categories.

Confederate Cannon Foundries

Larry J. Daniel & Riley W. Gunter
New 3/17/03 My Dad picked this book up last summer when we visited the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia. I have not yet read the book, but it looks pretty interesting from glancing through it. 112 pp.

The Reel Civil War : Mythmaking in American Film

Bruce Chadwick
New 2/29/04 This book is a joke. Stay far, far away. I anticipated reading an interesting book on the history of the War in film. Unfortunately, the book is a ridiculous slamming of pretty much every Civil War era film ever made, aside from Roots. This book should be called "Why I Think No Civil War Film Should Have Been Made Before Roots". The book doesn't really give a balanced view of the thousands of films made on the Civil War. Instead, it takes the most pro-Southern films and then rips into them because thy portray slaves and newly freed Blacks in an unfavorable light. I hate to break this to the author, but in the early 1900's African-Americans were almost without exception protrayed as simpletons to be dominated over by their white counterparts, in all films, not just some Civil War films. Unfortunately this happened, and we can't change the way these films portrayed African-Americans. Instead of harping on this chapter after chapter, the author would have done better to have made this one prominent chapter in the book, and then moved on to other topics. A book chronicling the American Civil War in film history should be an enjoyable read. This book is not. 366 pp.
Richard P. Weinert, Jr. & Colonel Robert Arthur
New 2/24/05 I will review this book after I have read it. 361 pp., 4 maps
Benjamin Franklin Cooling III
New 2/24/05 I will review this book after I have read it. 305 pp.
Roy Kinnard
New 4/16/06 I will review this book after I have read it. 284 pp.
Neil Longley York