Meridian Expedition

Updated 02/26/04

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The 1864 Meridian Expedition has had very little coverage in books. With that said, the definitive study on the Campaign has already been written. It is Marge Bearss' book, which looks to be very detailed.


Sherman's Forgotten Campaign: The Meridian Expedition

Margie Riddle Bearss
Updated 02/26/04 I just picked up this book on my recent trip to Vicksburg, and I am very excited about it. This book is difficult to find, and I'm not sure where to find it other than at the Vicksburg battlefield. The book details Sherman's Expedition to clear out middle Mississippi from Vicksburg all the way east to Meridian in early 1864. Margie Bearss did a very good job with this little known campaign to clear Mississippi of Rebels from Vicksburg east across the State to Meridian. The book was an enjoyable read, and made the interesting point that Sherman may have started on his destructive bent after losing his son to a sickness he contracted while visiting the General down in Mississippi. Bearss pointsout sherman may have blamed himself and never forgave himself for this. And seh correctly points out that his Meridian Campaign contained destruction and burning on a scale never seen from Sherman earlier, but seen often after this point. The book needed one better maps though. Many place names were mentioned which never appeared on the maps. This made it very difficult to follow along in a few places. Nevertheless, this is an excellent rendering of Sherman's Meridian Campaign. Anyone interested in te war in the west should own a copy. 363 pp., 10 maps