Conny D’s Legendary Units Mod

by Brett Schulte on May 31, 2008 · 0 comments

NOTE: For help with this mod, refer to the proper Matrix Games forum thread.

Mod Name: Conny D’s Legendary Units Mod

Last Updated: Added May 31, 2008

Author: Conny D

Files to Download:

NOTE: This file also contains the two legendary units created by Bill Hawthorne before he passed away, Perry’s Saints / Continental Guards (48th New York Infantry)  and Rush’s Lancers (6th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry) .

  1. AcwSpecUnits.txt (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE)

Readme File (from the Matrix Games Forums):

The file is ACWSpecUnits.txt, in the “Data” sub-folder. It’s easy to add new ones, if you know how FOF’s data files work. As for removing them from the game, I don’t know what would happen if you removed the file. I’ll ask Eric (= programmer) to chime in.

Have added nine more legendary units btw if interested simply replace the existing file with this version of AcwSpecUnits.txt in the Data folder

Download here:

-If anyone has suggestions for more legendary units let me know

New units with bios, applicable specials & attributes added so far:

CS Avegno_Zouaves
US Duryee_Zouaves
US Hawkins’_Zouaves
US Gosline’s_Penn._Zouaves
US Birney’s_Fire_Zouaves
CS High_Pressure_Brigade
CS Coms_Avengers
US Collis’_Zouaves_d’Afrique
CS Pointe_Coupee_Artillery

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