Jabberwock’s Generals Graphics Mod for 1.10d

by Brett Schulte on May 25, 2008 · 0 comments

NOTE: For help with this mod, refer to the proper AGEod forum thread.

Mod Name: Generals Graphics Mod for 1.10d

Last Updated: July 31, 2008

Author: Jabberwock

Files to Download:

  1. 110d.zip

Readme File (from the AGEod Forums):

Contain all previous work by both myself and jackfox, compatible with 1.10d, in one large zip file. (1.8Mb)

Thank you everyone who helped test this one, particularly jbhood, serpent77, jack54, & gray_lensman.

EDIT 7/30: added model file fixes for Alexander, Rodes, Schofield, and Pickett – the last three aren’t strictly part of the mod, but Rodes and Schofield clean up some generated errors. Pickett is a display name fix. Alexander was MIA, and might not make it into the next official patch. He should be in the one after that.


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