Number 41 (July 2009)

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Gettysburg Magazine, Number 41 (July 2009)

Gettysburg Magazine, Number 41 (July 2009)

128 Pages

Introduction: “Gettysburg Revisited”…..2

by Edwin C. Bearss

Summary Coming Soon!

“A Dash of Conspicuous Gallantry”: The 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry at Brandy Station…..7

by Eric J. Wittenberg

Summary Coming Soon!

The Barlow-Gordon Controversy: Rest in Peace…..33

by John C. Fazio

Summary Coming Soon!

Sickles and Meade Prior to Gettysburg…..55

by James Hessler

Summary Coming Soon!

If You Want to Go…..61

by Sonny Fulks

Summary Coming Soon!

Cpl. John Stringer, Company G, 66th New York State Volunteers…..85

by Joseph Stahl

Summary Coming Soon!

Maj. Thomas Osborn’s Artillery Line on July 3, 1863…..88

by Edward C. Browne, Jr.

Summary Coming Soon!

In Their Words: A Woman’s Story: Three Days of Rebel Rule, and William Hamilton Bayly’s Story of the Battle…..106

by Silas Felton

Summary Coming Soon!

The Gettysburg Magazine Interview: James A. Hessler…..123

Summary Coming Soon!


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