Historical Cleansing Update

by Fred Ray on January 13, 2018 · 2 comments

Dollywood has renamed the Dixie Stampede. Now it’s just a Stampede. Dolly says it “streamlines the name of the show, will remove any confusion or concern about it, and will help efforts to bring the show into new cities.”

I agree with Knox County mayor Tim Burchell.

Well, like everybody else, I love Dolly, and I love all that she’s done for our community, which is her community, and I’m disappointed that they’re yielding to political correctness,” Burchett said. “What’s next? Are we going to change the name of Dixie cups and the Dixie sugar company? You know, I just hope they don’t change their Christmas program.

Seems like a boneheaded move to me. The people who are “concerned” about the word Dixie are not the ones who come to Dollywood anyway, and the ones who do are the ones likely to be offended by removing it.

On another front here in NC, the Durham vandals who toppled the Confederate statue have gotten a break from the prosecutor, who has dropped felony charges against them. The perps, of course, continue to see themselves as martyrs, and their supporters have demanded that all charges be dropped. “We want the courts to recognize what the people have been saying: that challenging and defeating white supremacy is not a crime,” said Jess Jude.

This is a pretty wide mandate, which would give them de facto permission to destroy anything they don’t like, rather like the Taliban or ISIS.

We live in strange times.

UPDATE: Having cleansed Baltimore of its Confederates and Roger Taney, vandals have moved on to other targets, including one to the national anthem.

A statue paid for with pennies contributed by Baltimore school children more than a century ago was found sprayed with red paint Monday morning.

Jennifer Arndt Robinson, executive director of Friends of Patterson Park, said the bronze statue of children holding a scroll to commemorate the writing of the Star Spangled Banner had been damaged by paint. The words “Racist Anthem” were sprayed on a sidewalk near the statue.

It wasn’t the first.

Among other incidents, a monument in Bolton Hill to Francis Scott Key—who wrote the poem that would later become the national anthem—was splashed with red paint in September. There, too, the words “Racist Anthem” were written in paint.
Baltimore official says damaged Columbus monument will be repaired, rededicated

And in August, a monument to Christopher Columbus in Herring Run Park was smashed. A video posted to YouTube showed a man striking the base of the monument with a sledgehammer. Another person held a sign that said “Racism, tear it down.”



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James C. Kelly January 14, 2018 at 1:01 pm

Destroying our Civil War history is reminiscent of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. At least they had Chiang Kai Shek to remove much beautiful historical art to that national museum in Taipei.


David Corbett January 15, 2018 at 8:16 am

Shame on Dolly.


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