Siege of Petersburg Online Posts: Week of 9/04/2011

by Brett Schulte on September 11, 2011 · 0 comments

This weekly series looks at the posts which have appeared over the last 7 days at The Siege of Petersburg Online: Beyond the Crater.  It’s a way to show TOCWOC readers what I’ve been doing over at my other Civil War site.

The regiments of the First Brigade, Second Division, Union Second Corps, Army of the Potomac are beginning to have permanent homes at the Siege of Petersburg Online.  These pages serve as a way to show commanders, strengths, weapons, how the unit fits into the Orders of Battle (OOBs) of all nine of Grant’s Offensives against Petersburg, as well as linking to any other page on the site in which the unit plays a prominent part.  Examples include diary and letter entries written by men from a certain unit, regimental histories of the unit, reports from the Official Records where the unit is mentioned, original articles on the unit, and so on.  All but one regiment of the First Brigade is now online for the first two of Grant’s Offensives against Petersburg, and the last will appear later this afternoon.

I also launched a new store at Beyond the Crater as a way to pass on Union Ordnance Returns and Confederate Inspection Reports to those interested at low cost while simultaneously making a little bit of money for use in purchasing more rolls from the National Archives.  Any purchases there will serve to further The Siege of Petersburg Online and I appreciate the help I’ve received so far.

Neal Griffin, who runs an excellent and detailed web site on the 9th Georgia, was kind enough to let me post in its entirety a letter his Great Great Grandfather wrote to the Atlanta Constitution in 1880.  Griffin’s ancestor personally captured Union Colonel Francis A. Walker of the II Corps at the Second Battle of Reams’ Station on August 25, 1864, and the letter to the newspaper describes this capture.

All other posts belong to the regular categories of Official Records reports and Octave Bruso’s diary entries for the week.  Entries may be light for awhile since I am doing background work and research prior to publishing permanent homes for the regiments in Major General John Gibbon’s Second Division, Second Corps, Army of the Potomac.  In addition to these pages, the regiments will also be inserted into their proper places in the orders of battle for the First and Second offensives.  Look for these to begin appearing soon.

If you have any questions or comments about the site, please feel free to leave a comment here or Contact me at Beyond the Crater.

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