Resources on the Battle of Wilson’s Creek: August 10, 1861

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The Battle of Wilson’s Creek: August 10, 1861


As many of you know, today is the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek, fought on August 10, 1861.  Nathaniel Lyon’s mostly German Union army was defeated by the combined forces of Sterling Price and Ben McCulloch and Lyon lost his life in the process.  Lyon had divided his inferior force in the face of the enemy and sent Franz Sigel, of all people, on a flank attack, which naturally failed.  After routing Sigel’s men, the Confederates turned on what was left of Lyon’s force.  The ensuing fighting was desperate, and when the Union army retreated the Confederates were so disorganized they were unable to follow.  Wilson’s Creek was the first major battle west of the Mississippi and ultimately west of Virginia.    In this post I’d like to give readers some resources for learning more about Wilson’s Creek.



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