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“98.2% of celeb internet quotes are bogus” — Abraham Lincoln

Telegraph columnist Christopher Howse checks into yet another plagiarism scandal, then notes how many historical quotes just can’t be verified and are likely false. All the more reason to be suspicious. We are not amused, and they can eat…cake.

NOAA and the US Navy are looking for the remains of the USS Cumberland, a victim of the CSS Virginia (neé Merimack) at Hampton Roads in 1862, and the CSS Florida, a captured commerce raider lost in a collision.

Carolina Journal John Hood, a distant relative of the general by the same name, looks at his closer ancestors with the 26th NC at Gettysburg, where men fell “like wheat before the sickle.”

In Charleston, conservators have rotated the CSS Hunley to an upright position, exposing a side not seen since its last voyage in 1864.

American Rifleman looks at the Lefaucheaux pinfire revolver, the fourth most commonly used pistol by both sides in the Late Unpleasantness. The pinfire system used a small brass pin protruding at right angles to the cartridge. Although almost forgotten now, it was considered a reliable system in its day and superior to the cap-and-ball system. The famous LeMat revolver used this system.

Speaking of the LeMat, there is a short video about it, including a firing demonstration.

The same mag also has an excellent article on the guns of first Manassas and efforts by both sides to arms themselves, but it’s not online. Also of interest is an article on Abe Lincoln and rifles, including a look at his somewhat comic career as a militia officer.


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