862fm: Union Troops In and Near Nashville, Tennessee 20 September 1862

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                          Union Troops 
                           In and Near 
                      Nashville, Tennessee
                        20 September 1862 

Post of Nashville, Tennessee: Brigadier General J.S.Negley
     Infantry: (26/737)
          50th Indiana Infantry Regiment (3 cos)
          10th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
          Nashville Union Guards
     Cavalry: (16/722)
          5th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
     Artillery: (16/372)          
          Indiana Light Artillery, 11th Battery
          Indiana Light Artillery, 12th Battery

8th Division of the Army of Ohio: Brigadier General J.S.Negley
     7th Brigade: Colonel J.F.Miller (105/2,576)
          37th Indiana Infantry Regiment 
          21st Ohio Infantry Regiment 
          74th Ohio Infantry Regiment 
          78th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment 
     29th Brigade: Colonel T.R.Stanley (97/2,297)
          19th Illinois Infantry Regiment 
          11th Michigan Infantry Regiment 
          18th Ohio Infantry Regiment 
          69th Ohio Infantry Regiment 
          Infantry Regiment 
     Cavalry: (11/232)
          7th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment (5 cos)
          General Negley's Escort
     Artillery: (7/208)
          Kentucky Light Artillery, Battery B
          Ohio Light Artillery, Battery G
          Ohio Light Artillery, Battery M
1st Division of the Army of Mississippi: Brigadier General
               John M.Palmer
     1st Brigade: Colonel G.W.Roberts (85/2,149)
          22nd Illinois Infantry Regiment 
          27th Illinois Infantry Regiment 
          42nd Illinois Infantry Regiment 
          51st Illinois Infantry Regiment 
          Wisconsin Light Artillery, 10th Battery 
     2nd Brigade: Brigadier General J.D.Morgan (143/2,609)
          10th Illinois Infantry Regiment 
          16th Illinois Infantry Regiment 
          60th Illinois Infantry Regiment 
          10th Michigan Infantry Regiment 
          14th Michigan Infantry Regiment 
          1st Illinois Light Artillery,  Battery C

U.S.  War Department, The War of the Rebellion, 
A Compilation  of Official Records of the Union and 
Confederate Armies,  Government Printing Office; 
Washington, D.C., 1882

Source: George Nafziger Order of Battle Collection

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