The Civil War 145 Years Ago: September 1864

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September 1864

  • “Atlanta is ours and fairly won”; these words are in a telegram sent to President Lincoln on the second. This is the first tangible victory since the summer began and the North rejoices. September fifth is declared a day of national celebration and prayer.
  • The famous raider John Hunt Morgan is killed at Greeneville, Tennessee as his last command is largely destroyed.
  • Wade Hampton raids the Union cattle corral at Coggins Point VA., fights some small skirmishes and returns to CSA lines with 2,486 head of cattle.
  • Two tons of cotton are captured by the USS Ariel near Tampa, cotton, sugar & salt are being called ―white gold at this point in the war.
  • On the 19th, after weeks of skirmishing and maneuvers, General Sheridan attacks Jubal Early at Winchester in the Shenandoah Valley. In a day of hard fight, CSA General Robert Rodes is killed and Early forced back 20 miles to Fisher Hill. On the 22nd, at The Battle of Fisher Hill, Early is completely defeated and flees the Valley. Sheridan is free to implement actions that destroy the area as a source of supplies for Lee’s Army and as a raiding path to the north.
  • General Sterling Price after almost two years is back in Missouri. Leading about 12,000 men, many unarmed and untrained, he hopes to reclaim the state for the CSA. On the 26th, Price fights a small battle at Fort Davidson. Union General Thomas Ewing slips through Prices lines that night and escapes. This is an empty victory that Price cannot afford to replicate.
  • In Centralia, MO ―Bloody Bill Anderson, not operating with Sterling Price kills 116 Union soldiers many are unarmed or have surrendered when killed. This is one of the worst guerilla actions in the war.
  • Confederate agents, operating out of Canada, overpower a ship on Lake Eire attempting to raid the POW camp on Johnson Island. They fail and flee back to safety in Canada.
  • President Jefferson Davis visits the Army of Tennessee in Georgia. At stops along the way, Davis makes a series of speeches designed to rise moral. At Palmetto, due to problems between John B. Hood and William J. Hardee, Hardee is relieved of command. Davis reviews Hood’s army and confers with Hood about the future. Davis approves Hood’s strategy to invade Tennessee and pull Sherman north. Hardee’s new command is the Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Hood starts moving toward the Western and Atlantic Railroad on the 29th.
  • September ends with major battles on the Petersburg/Richmond front. On the 29th three Union Corps, attack New Markey Heights and Chaffin’s Bluff. General Charles Paine USCT division is awarded 14 Medals of Honor during this action. On the 30th, Lee launches eight brigades to recapture the lost positions. Four determined attacks fail forcing the Confederates to adjust their lines.

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