Beta Tester Starts New AAR for AGEOD’s Upcoming Civil War Game

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Many of you who read this site regularly will be familiar with AGEOD’s American Civil War, due out very soon. I went over various features being covered by lead developer “Pocus” in late December 2006. AGEOD beta tester “Barney” has started a new AAR for the game to give prospective buyers further insight into how the game works. “Barney’s” first post in the ongoing AAR is as follows:

Hi all,

Pocus asked me to post this AAR of the Bull Run campaign. Let me know what you think! I’ll be posting a turn a day for the next week.


First Bull Run

Beta version 0.96

Early June 1861 and the war between the States, which officially began on 12 April 1861 with the attack on Fort Sumter, enters it’s third month without a major engagement having yet been fought. In Washington, Congressmen, Senators and the public clamour for the Federal government to strike quickly and move onto Richmond, the newly designated capital of the Confederate States of America. Republican President, Abraham Lincoln has appointed Brigadier General Irvin McDowell to command the Army of North-eastern Virginia. McDowell, a graduate of West Point and veteran of the Mexican-American war is reluctant to commit his untried and untrained Army, the largest ever assembled in North America, without the proper training and preparation. However after continued pressure from the Politicians, Citizens and the President, he reluctantly begins to draw up plans for an invasion of north-eastern Virginia. As the President reminds him “You are green, it is true, but they are green also. You are all green alike”. The stage is now set for the opening of the first major battle in the eastern theatre of the American Civil War.

The President has told McDowell that the American people expect a quick victory and consequently expect nothing less than the capture of Richmond within three months. (Game note on scenario objective: The union player wins if he ends the scenario in sole control of Richmond or if he breaks the Confederate morale. Time allotted 6 turns)

Start of Scenario

This is the extreme view of northeastern Virginia and southern Maryland. It allows a view of both capitals, where a large portion of the war will undoubtedly be fought.

Game note: AACW’s map is a very good representation of both the Eastern and Western theatres of the American Civil War portraying accurately the counties, cities, towns, forts, rivers, islands, roads and railroads that became the major objectives of the campaigns of the civil war. As the game is still in beta, the map is still subject to change. This will probably include a respositioning of Manassas.

The range of mountains running up the length of the map in western Virginia are the Shenandoah Mountains. There are numerous gaps through the mountains, both road and rail, which will be important from a strategic perspective as it will allow rapid troop movement from the Shenandoah Valley to the north-eastern battlefields. Control of the gaps is of vital importance, especially in the north where the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad allows for rail movement from Cumberland, Md to Harpers Ferry, Va. and the quick movement of troops across the theatre. Across the Maryland border from the town of Harper’s Ferry is Winchester, a strategic crossroads allowing for travel into western and eastern Virginia. Whilst rebel troop dispositions are incomplete due to the fog of war a large body of Confederates are known to be just south of Winchester clearly threatening Harper’s Ferry.

South-east of Washington is the rail hub at Manassas Junction, where the Manassas Gap RR meets the Orange and Alexandria RR. McDowell knows it’s an important objective on the road to Richmond as denial of the railroad to the rebels will reduce their inability to move troops quickly around the theatre. It’s possession should open the way to Richmond. Unfortunately the hero of Fort Sumter P.G.T Beauregard, commander of the Confederate Army of the Potomac (5-1-3) also appreciates this fact and is directly opposing any movement down the O&A.

As for Union dispositions, in the extreme north-east on the other side of the Shenandoah Mountains is Brigadier General Robert Patterson (2-1-1) with two divisions, and in Washington and Alexandria are the main body of the Army of Northeastern Virginia (35,000 men), comprising 5 divisions.

Game note: There’s a lot of detail in Ageod’s ACW. If you don’t believe me take a look at the feature of the day mammoth thread. Each historic division, brigade and regiment is detailed in the game (refer above screenshot).

Continue to follow the AAR HERE.

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