FoF: jchastain’s “Long Live the Union!” AAR

by Brett Schulte on December 28, 2006 · 0 comments

Note: Due to space constraints, I plan to include the first posts of various AARs from the Matrix Games forums and then provide a link to the rest of the story.

This AAR and that of Gil R. are a combined PBEM AAR played by two members of the Forge of Freedom team to demonstrate what the game has to offer.

jchastain writes:
Gil and I are firing up a new PBEM game, so we thought we would share it with everyone. PBEM games are strictly strategic games, so this will focus on the strategic elements of the game. As is often done on Matrix forums, we’ll have 2 separate threads – one for each side. We will not be reading the other’s thread, so while we welcome comments on our approaches and blunders please do not discuss what you read in the other thread.

And with that brief intro, let’s proceed to the game…

Here are the options we’ll be using. It is a fairly advanced game, though we’ll
be using the historical generals that we know and love.

Here are the generals I’ll be starting with. Not a terrible group, but they
will still be significant outclassed by the other side.

The starting default is for the cities to produce whatever they are best at…

I’ll shift cities that produce even amounts of money or labor to produce money.
At the start, I’ll be spending a good deal of cash on diplomacy. I’ll shift
cities that produce even amounts of iron and horses to produce horses. I’ll
need some cavalry fairly soon to help track down the southern raiders that will
soon be active along the borders and the North doesn’t produce a lot of horses
even with things shifted around. At the bottom of the page, you can see what
will be produced and the current pool of each resource.

As noted above, I’ll spend some real money on Diplomacy. I’ll hope to reduce
this soon, but I don’t want to let him get ahead or things can get ugly fast.
If I see anything edging towards him, I’ll increase my investment there to max
right away since I’ll know he’s spending on it. Otherwise, these should creep
up on my side and I will then be able to build a little cushion and then reduce

The British sell some nice weapons, so I’ll pour a little more there than on
the continent for now because I hope to soon be buying weapons (and keeping
them from doing likewise).

Even with shifting so much production to cash, you can see where this is eating
up a lot of my income.

Eventually I want to make Harrisburg my center of iron production. I’d like
to build an iron works since that doubles all base iron production and Harrisburg
already proiduces a ton of iron. They take a long time to build though, so I
want to get it going soon so that it will come on-line in time to do some good.
As you can see, I don’t have quite enough labor to buy it. I’ll hold on to the
majority of my resources for now and get it going next turn.

Here’s the military situation at the start of the game.


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