FoF Mod: William Amos’ July 1861 Scenario Mod

by Brett Schulte on December 26, 2006 · 0 comments

William Amos recently discussed a new mod he has created based on the standard July 1861 scenario in the Matrix Games forums.

DOWNLOAD the 52 KB zip file containing the mod HERE.

The readme.txt file for the mod reads as follows:

Forge of Freedom July 1861 Mod by William Amos

Here is my Mod. It changes the set up of the game for the July 1861 game.

Some of the changes are:
-Both sides have correct cavalry commanders

-Union at start
I McDowell and H Halleck start as 3 stars.
B Butler, N Banks, A Burnside, G McClellan and DC Buell start as two stars.
Most other starting commanders are historical

No Navy other than Blockade runners at start
J Johnson and AS Johnson are 3 stars
RE Lee, PT Beauregard, L Polk and B Bragg start as 2 stars.
Most other starting commanders are historical

-I added 1 academy to Albany NY to simulate West point and its benefits to the Union.

-I renamed many of the armies and divisions. I moved the Union main army back to Washington DC instead of having it in contact in Northern Virginia.

-I Moved two Confederate divisions into the hex with the the main Confederate corps in Northern Virginia to allow it to have more flexibility to form the Army of Northern Virginia.

-I also made some very slight moves involving a few loose Union Brigades in Ohio out of the border with Kentucky.

-I also edited to make most of the remaining generals come in as 1 star and their starting positions. Eastern Union generals will start at Washington and Western Union Generals will start at Springfield Ill.

-Eastern Confederates will start at Petersburg and western Confederate generals at Nashville.

Note: My saved game files are included in the zip file as well as the July 1861 scenario mod files I did.


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