FoF Mod: Murat30’s Enhanced Armies Mod

by Brett Schulte on December 26, 2006 · 0 comments

Murat30 has created a new “Enhanced Armies” mod which creates more armies at the start of the game and also tweaks the generals.

DOWNLOAD the 36 KB zip file containing the mod HERE.

The readme.txt file for the mod reads as follows:

Forge of Freedom Enhanced Armies Mod by Murat30

Greetings, i have done a scenario for “forge of freedom”, it features enhanced armies for both sides, federal units are roughly at 3 to 2 advantage and generals start scenario with formations for both sides, there are six federal armies and five confederate armies, morale adjusted to 4 for the union and 6 for the
confederation, so base morale for new troops, union have advantage but without a prepared army overall it will be dificult to defeat confederates on his ground, offensive operations for confederates too can be dangerous to retain army cohesion.

To install unzip the file first to a directory with the name of the zip file, “extract to /1861full_s” will be the desired option to things go well, then simply place this directory to your /forge of freedom/scenarios folder and select it at starting a new game from the scenario tab.

I hope you enjoy the scenario, not playtested at this moment but i think it will not make problems to work,

with regards,



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