AGEOD’s ACW: Feature 30

by Brett Schulte on December 23, 2006 · 0 comments

AGEOD is developing a new Civil War game based on their excellent “Birth of America” engine. Lead developer Pocus has been slowly unveiling various features of the new game over at the AGEOD Forums.

Feature #30 : Recruiting and Building Units (Screenshots Heavy!)

AGEod’s American Civil War let you recruit units (or build in case of ships) of various types. Each has a cost in money, conscripts and heavy war materials (aka War Supplies), but as you can expect the cost vary enormously between the units types. These ‘assets’ (money, conscripts, War Supplies) are stocked at the national level, and are produced either via historical options that you can trigger yourself (taxes, drafting) or are produced continuously (war supplies in the fabrics and magazines you possess in cities).

Most units have a force pool, either for a given state, of a given Department (several states together). So you can recruit (if you have the assets) with some liberty many units, but you just can’t do very ahistorical things, like having Florida fielding 40 brigades, or having an army only made of horse-drawn artillery and cavalry brigades escorted by an hord of gatling guns!

The screens below should let you understand the underlying principles of the system. We hope you will enjoy the look of them too!


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