FoF: West Virginia 1861 Mod

by Brett Schulte on December 16, 2006 · 0 comments

Download the 1861 West Virginia Mod HERE.

Originally posted by jimwinsor on the Matrix Forums

Well, I designed the July 1861 scenario, so all spitwads, snowballs, and brickbats concerning that particular scenario should be directed at me.

Actually, the original version of the scenario was set for WV (including Wheeling) to be under Union control…but the three provinces in question got jiggled back to CSA control during the flurry of beta updates and testing that was underway, back to the Nov 1861 default of the Standard scenario.

Now, I can’t speak for the Nov 1861 Standard scenario because it was not my design…but for those who want WV Union-ized, here is a “West Virginia Mod” file that will do just that.

Just save this file to your July_1861_s folder (in your Scenarios folder), say yes to overwrite, et voila! WV should start the game nice and blue. As always, you should practice responsible modding…make sure you save the original AcwProvinces.txt file in a safe place before you do this. Enjoy!


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