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by Brett Schulte on June 13, 2006 · 0 comments

Ted Savas recently contacted me about Robert Taylor’s new book Paradigm. It is not a Civil War related book, but it DOES have a good chance to become a bestseller for the publisher, thus giving the Civil War buffs among us a chance to see even more books on the subject we love. Here’s a portion of Ted’s message below. Definitely help if you can!

Hello All,We need your help.

Robert Taylor, author of “Paradigm,” was on “Coast-to-Coast AM” last night-the largest nighttime radio show in the world-5 million listeners.

He did a full hour.

His book and the Nobel Prize-nominated science behind it was also the subject of a full page in the June 5 issue of BUSINESS WEEK, which called the book “The Da Vinci Code for the Wall Street set . . . a great summer read.”

Robert has also been contacted by an academy-awarding winning movie producer who loved his book.

Pleasantly, the author is out of books, has 500 + personal back orders this morning (and they are still flooding in), and his book hit . . Sales Rank: # 75 in Books (See Top Sellers in Books)
Yesterday: #17,556 in Books

This is extraordinary. Robert offers signed copies of his book, which is nearly sold out of a sizeable first edition print run.

If you have read this book, please leave a review on Amazon. Or if would like to discuss it on Amazon, you can do so on the Discussion Forum at the bottom of the Amazon page. We appreciate all of your good efforts to help us make this book a continued success. Our success, in turn, allows us to continue publishing the niche military and general history titles we have been producing for 15 years (regimentals, battle studies, biographies, etc.) that future historians and readers will (hopefully) find useful and cherish.


Thank you so much for your assistance in helping us make this a bestseller!

Best regards

Theodore P. Savas
Savas Beatie LLC


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