Take Command: Second Manassas is Released Today!!!

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I can’t tell you how pleased I am to announce the release of Take Command: Second Manassas. The developer, Mad Minute Games, is a modest two man outfit. Adam and Norb are everyday ordinary guys who work hard and love what they do. They created this game and its predecessor in their free time on nights and weekends, and as a playtester I’ve personally seen all of the hard work they put into this.

Before getting to the announcements, I’d like to point you in the direction of some sites that are offering the game for sale:
Paradox Interactive
Paradox – Direct Download
NWS Online

Now, on to the official press releases. The following is posted at the Mad Minute Games home page:

Today is the Official Release Date of TC2M
April 18, 2006

But many people have already received the game. Many people that preordered from Paradox have already gotten the game, Paradox also has the direct download purchase option working, and NWS is currently shipping out all of their preorders. We should also be showing up in some stores soon. The preliminary list is:AAFES, Amazon, Circuit City, CompUSA, Fry’s Electronics, Gamestop, Hastings Hyperactive, and Micro Center.

There are a bunch of new reviews, previews, and interviews posted on the left. Adam has been working hard to get the word out, but Paradox has been working even harder. They have done a great job of letting the world know about TC2M. We can’t wait to see how we sell in Europe. A German version is already completed and hopefully we’ll be getting some more languages finalized. Paradox has us all over the place, the publicity is excellent. Now we can just hope that the world likes our game.

Meanwhile, over in the Paradox Forums, comes this post from Paradox:

TAKE COMMAND on the battlefield!

New York, USA (April 18, 2006) – International publisher Paradox Interactive announced today that their newest PC strategy title, Take Command: 2nd Manassas, has shipped and will soon be hitting store shelves.

Take Command: 2 nd Manassas explores the titular 1862 battle of the American Civil War, a pivotal engagement of the Northern Virginia Campaign. Players are invited to take on the most crucial battles of America’s Civil War and use all their tactical know-how to shape the future of the United States. Play as the Unionists or the Confederates and lead as the historically significant leaders through the authentic environments and battles of the Manassas campaign and TAKE COMMAND!

The title is rated T by ESRB, 3+ by PEGI and 12 years by USK. The suggested retail price is USD/EUR 39.99. The title is shipping in North America and Scandinavia today, on April 21 in Germany and May 5 in the UK.

“Take Command: 2nd Manassas is a great addition to our strategy stable and we are very excited about being able to launch this title simultaneously on download and in retail, a concept that has proven very successful with previous titles,” said Fredrik W. Lindgren, Director of Publishing at Paradox Interactive.

“Take Command: 2 nd Manassas plays out during a crucial time of the Civil War and while fans of this genre and era will instantly be able to relate to this title, strategy fans and history fans in general will find plenty to rejoice about,” said Norb Timpko, CEO of MadMinute Games. “We have focused on creating a game with depth, immense replayability, and a strong sense of realism. Players will be able to experience first-hand what it must have been like to take control on the battlefield.”

Take Command: 2nd Manassas will present the player with as many as 48 scenarios, 5 gigantic battlefield maps based on historical records from the Library of Congress and 3 modes of play. The linked scenario tree will allow results of one battle carry over into the next and players will control thousands of troops and direct them over 3D terrain. The ballistics for all weapons are accurate and players can play as any leader in Custom/Open Play Battles.

To play the recently released demo, please go to www.madminutegames.com .

Congratulations Norb & Adam. You guys deserve it.

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