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by Brett Schulte on April 8, 2006 · 1 comment

WOW. You try to get away from the computer for a month and Civil War blogging explodes. I’ve been browsing some of the other fine Civil War blogs out there this morning, and it looks like there are no less than five new blogs that have appeared generally in that time frame. I’ve added these five blogs to the ACW Blog links area on the left hand side of the page. Here’s a quick rundown of two of the five blogs. I hope to give my take on the others tomorrow. I’m already late to an appointment today. Otherwise I would have profiled all five. These are in the order I found them on Drew Wagenhoffer’s Civil War Book and Authors blog.

1. Civil Warriors by Mark Grimsley, Brooks D. Simpson, and Steven E. Woodworth
I was very pleased to discover Civil Warriors this morning. Professional historians Grimsley, Brooks, and Woodworth started the blog as another way to promote their books, describe the life of a writer dedicated to Civil War topics, and generally share their love of the Civil War with their readers. One thing I’ve found fascinating since starting my own blog is the number of authors who have emailed me after I’ve reviewed their books. Civil Warriors is basically my blog (or Drew Wagenhoffer’s Civil War Book and Authors) in reverse. Drew and I are fans writing from that vantage point. Mr. Grimsley, Mr. Simpson, and Mr. Woodworth are essentially inviting you the fan (if you prefer buff, that’s cool too) into their world as Civil War authors, just as Eric Wittenberg now does with his Rantings of a Civil War Historian. One other thing to note is Mark Grimsley’s excellent site Blog Them Out of the Stone Age. I had been a regular reader until recently, and I plan to go back to it now that I’m back from my self-imposed internet exile.

2. behind AotW by Brian Downey
For those of you who are wondering, “AotW” stands for Antietam on the Web. Mr. Downey is the webmaster and managing editor of that excellent site, and this blog is his way of sharing, in his words, “the overflow and backwash of that effort along with any other musings which may surface”. If you’ve never checked it out, I highly encourage you to go do that immediately. I’ve often wished for sites similar to this one to appear on numerous battles. It would be an exciting new way to share and accumulate knowledge. This format can succeed where a format such as a monthly, quarterly, or even annual magazine format might fold due to the narrow subject matter involved. The Antietam Campaign is endlessly fascinating, so Brian’s musings should definitely hold my interest. I look forward to seeing what he has to say.

Up next for tomorrow:
3. War of the Rebellion Revisited by Sean Dail
4. Strike The Tent… by Andy Etman
5. A. Lincoln Blog by Brian Dirck

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Brian Downey April 12, 2006 at 7:55 am

Hi Brett,

Thanks for the notice. And I take to heart your advice about posting pace. This is harder than it looks.

I’ll be interested to see what you think of the rest of Dr Harsh’s work. I’ve just gone back thru Taken at the Flood. I think it’s groundbreaking, myself, at least in it’s point of view.

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