of Battlefields and Bibliophiles: A New Civil War Blog

by Brett Schulte on December 3, 2005 · 0 comments

David Woodbury, former partner in Savas Woodbury Publishing and noted Civil War buff, has decided to join the ever-increasing world of Civil War blogging with of Battlefields and Bibliophiles. As always, I feel it best to allow a blogger to speak in his own words. Here’s a short excerpt from of Battlefields and Bibliophiles:

Still, there’s room for more. A blog is an ideal, informal medium to tout the good and trounce the bad in Civil War publishing. For my part, I’ll also be using this site as a portal to the goings-on in The Civil War Forum, one of the oldest, best informed, and most cordial on-line Civil War discussions groups around. The Forum will serve as a mirror site for many of the posts here, and that’s where you can go to post replies, should the spirit move you. You’ll have to choose a screen name and password if you feel compelled to respond.

The initial OB&B entries will include lots of gratuitous background info, but this blog won’t devolve into a public diary. Who really cares, after all? Let us agree to maintain the illusion that we’re not all wasting time in front of our computers. I will never tell you what I had for breakfast. Unless it was really, really satisfying, in which case I’ll post a recipe and you can print it out as proof to your spouse that reading this blog was time well spent. Mmmm, breakfast.

I personally wish Mr. Woodbury the best of luck. I was a big fan of Savas Woodbury while it existed, and I own quite a few issues of Civil War Regiments. His blog looks to be full of potential and I’ve book marked it for further reading. I recommend you do the same.

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