Civil War Talk Radio: February 4, 2005

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Air Date: 020405
Subject: Steven Woodworth: While God Is Marching On
Books: While God Is Marching On: The Religious World of Civil War Soldiers (Modern War Studies) & Nothing but Victory: The Army of the Tennessee, 1861-1865 & Decision in the Heartland: The Civil War in the West (Reflections on the Civil War Era)
Guest: Steven E. Woodworth

Summary: Dr. Steven Woodworth, author of many Civil War titles, including Jefferson Davis and His Generals, brings to light a rarely mentioned facet of life in Civil War armies.

Brett’s Summary: Author and blogger Steven Woodworth covers some of the topics contained in his books with Gerry. Woodworth is a firm believer that the Civil War was won in the Western Theater. He believes Grant and Sherman are two of the top three generals in the Civil War.  Woodworth’s view on Sherman is opposed to that of Albert Castel, and the two historians made clear their arguments in a recent issue of North & South Magazine. Woodworth believes Sherman overcame a weakness on the tactical offensive by compensating with superior operational skills. He points out Grant’s use of this tactic to outnumber his opponent on the battlefield throughout the Vicksburg Campaign despite being outnumbered in the total number of troops in central Mississippi. Woodworth discusses religion during the war, and reiterates his belief that the Northern soldiers underwent religious revivals as the war went on just as Southern soldiers did. Lastly, Gerry asked Professor Woodworth who he would like to meet if he went back to the Civil War era in a time machine, and he chose Lincoln and Davis.

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