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as of: 11/09/06

The Devil's Rejects



out of 10


Rob Zombie


Sid Haig .... Captain Spaulding/James Cutter
Bill Moseley .... Otis B. Driftwood
Sheri Moon .... Baby Firefly/Vera-Ellen
William Forsythe .... Sheriff John Quincy Wydell
Ken Foree .... Charlie Altamont
Matthew McGrory .... Tiny
Leslie Easterbrook .... Mother Firefly


SPOILER WARNING: Do NOT read the below review if you have not already seen Rob Zombie's first movie, House of 1000 Corpses.

The Devil's Rejects is musician/director Rob Zombie's follow-up to House of 1000 Corpses.  The batshit crazy Firefly family from the first movie is back, but they're on the run from the law.  After last movie's...ahem...antics, the Fireflys are no longer anonymous.  Sheriff John Quincy Wydell, brother of the slain policeman from the first movie, leads a rather large police force to the Firefly farm.  At that point, all hell breaks loose...and not all of the Firefly family members escape.  The ones who do, however, are soon back to their old tricks after meeting up with Captain Spaulding (a pretty funny Sid Haig).  All of the violence of the previous film is here, but it has the added dimension of being a sort of road film. 

A lot of people seem to love Rob Zombie's flicks, but I'm not ready to anoint him a master of the horror genre just yet.  Zombie, like a lot of the rest of us, grew up on horror, in his case the down and dirty, independent looking horror of the 1970's.  For this reason I am hoping he does great things.  His first film and this one are a good start, but there is definitely room for improvement.  With that said, The Devil's Rejects is a very good film to buy.  The only people I'd warn away from this one would be the squeamish and those easily offended by graphic depictions of everything from sex to language to bloody, bloody violence!


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