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as of: 11/09/06

Saw II



out of 10


Darren Lynn Bousman


Tobin Bell .... Jigsaw
Shawnee Smith .... Amanda
Donnie Wahlberg .... Eric Matthews
Erik Knudsen .... Daniel Matthews
Franky G .... Xavier
Glenn Plummer .... Jonas
Emmanuelle Vaugier .... Addison
Whannell .... Adam
Mpho Koaho .... Tim
Beverley Mitchell .... Laura


SPOILER: Do NOT read the review below if you haven't seen the first movie.

Saw II picks up apparently not long after the first movie ends.  Jigsaw is still on the loose, and he challenges a certain policeman to find him.  But detective Eric Matthews (played by Donnie Wahlberg) is at first reluctant to take the bait.  This changes quickly, however, when Jigsaw goes after someone very close to the cop.  As Matthews soon finds out, Jigsaw is back to his old tricks, this time trapping a group of past sinners in one of his devious traps.  Will Detective Matthews listen carefully to Jigsaw, or will he play right into the psychopath's hands?

As you can tell by my ranking, I greatly enjoyed this one.  The original writers came up with an incredible idea with the potential to expand that idea.  This sequel is just as good as, and in some ways better than, the first movie.  I'm a big fan of Cary Elwes, but hi over the top acting in the first movie served to shake me out of my concentration on the movie several times, reminding me that it was just that, a movie.  This movie has some iffy performances in places, but it was less of a distraction.  The main give and take is between Jigsaw (played by Tobin Bell) and Wahlberg's character.  The clues are there if you listen carefully.

If you enjoyed the first Saw, you'll definitely enjoy this sequel.  I hope to catch the third movie in the series in theaters this weekend, in fact.  Give this series a chance.  It is well worth your investment in time and money.


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