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by Brian Thomsen

Tales of Ravenloft (Ravenloft)


I have not read any of these novels based on the AD&D dark fantasy world of Ravenloft in quite some time. I can only give vague recollections of each until I have time to go back and read them all. This is a collection of short stories meant to serve as a general introduction to Ravenloft. I recall that like most anthologies, there were some good and some bad stories. One I do recall is about a black widow, a shape shifter who is really a spider who mates with a human and then kills him. There was also a story about Ravenloft's version of Van Helsing: Rudolph van Richten. This was a good book and is excellent for those wanting to give Ravenloft a try but who are unsure what it is all about. Some of the authors include P.N. Elrod, James Lowder, J. Robert King, Elaine Bergstrom, and others.

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