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by Charles Fort

The Complete Books of Charles Fort


Charles Fort was a collector of weird phenomena which could not be scientifically proven to be a hoax during the 1910's-1930's. He combed old newspapers and other eyewitness accounts for as far back as he could go, all the time making notes on strange happenings. Rainfall containing animals, UFOs, strange sightings of unknown animals, footprints, ghosts, and all other unexplainable things are all considered "Fortean Phenomena". Charles Fort is the father of this cataloguing of the unknown. Authors like John Keel have followed in his footsteps. Fort's four full-length books are collected in this large volume. He does not attempt theories of his own on what happened, but merely presents the accounts for the reader to decide on their own. This book is extremely interesting, and shows just how far science still has to go before we really know about everything on this planet conclusively. If you are a fan of shows like The X-Files, or movies like The Mothman Prophecies, I highly recommend this book. 1126 pp.

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