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by Buzz Bissinger

Three Nights In August: Strategy, Heartbreak, and Joy: Inside the Mind of a Manager


Three Nights in August was an excellent read. It covers Tony La Russa, his St. Louis Cardinals, and their crucial three-game series with the Chicago Cubs in late August 2003. As a die-hard, lifelong Cardinals fan who watches or listens to almost every single game on the 162 game scehdule, this book brought back memories of the mostly painful 2003 season. The Cards finished only 3 games out in a season which featured no real closer until June, and a brutal bullpen that at times featured Jeff Fassero and Esteban Yan. Bissinger tries to describe the inner workings of what goes on in La Russa's head throughout a game, and he succeeds admirably in my estimation. Baseball is a game of so many subtleties and nuances, and the author manages to convey that fact in his detailed description of certain inportant at-bats. If you are a fan of the Cardinals and/or Tony La Russa, this is a must read book. Other fans of baseball will, I think, also find this to be an entertaining read. I read this one in only one sitting on a rainy Saturday night in January, waiting for Spring Training to start. If you find the four months between the World Series and Spring Training to be as unbearable as I do, do yourself a favor and pick this one up. 256 pp.

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