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Stats Player Profiles 2002 (Stats Player Profiles 2002)


The old line of STATS Player Profiles (now discontinued and replaced by the inadequate Sporting News Guide and Register) gave gave a ton of stats for batters and pitchers for both the past year, and an average of the last five years. There are many splits such as lefty/righty, first half/second half, day/night, and grass/turf, situational stats such as RISP, Close and Late, none on or out, etc, and many other things. These books were great to use while following a game. You could get an idea of what a guy might do by looking at his historical performance. Unfortunately, after these books were discontinued, there is now no longer anywhere to go to get quite this wealth of information. The new yearly Bill James Handbooks come close, but they are not quite as good. 600 pp.

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