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John J. Hennessy

Second Manassas Battlefield Map Study (Virginia Civil War Battles and Leaders Series)


NEW 2/24/05

If you are an avid student of the Second Manassas Campaign, you will also want to snatch up John Hennessy's Second Manassas Battlefield Map Study. This study, commissioned by the National Park Service and made available to the public by H.E. Howard, including 16 large maps shipped rolled in a tube (make sure you order from Morningside if you go through my Amazon link to ensure you get the maps). This book and the accompanying troop movement maps are a wargamer's dream. Each map depicts a given moment in time and goes down to the regimental level where data was available. Hennessy used primary sources, including the Official Records, to try to pinpoint everyone's position at various points in the battle. Using this book together with Hennessy's Campaign Study above will give anyone a solid understanding of the events of August 1862. This one is HIGHLY recommended.

504 pp., 16 oversized troop movement maps


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